2015 Lent Reflection – Wednesday 4 March

4 march lent reflec 2


Jeremiah 18: 18-20

But as for me, I trust in you Lord. Psalm 30:15

Divine-MercyLife can be so unfair at times. We find ourselves doing so much for other people and so often our efforts are not appreciated. Many times the very people we are trying to assist seem to be the ones who are plotting our downfall.

Sometimes their plotting may be in the form of direct obstacles that they place in our path at other times it is more subtly expressed in unrealistic expectations, lack of support, or an inability to understand our personal limitations or limited resources.

The prophet Jeremiah had a similar experience in his life… It can be very disheartening when our efforts are not appreciated, and even more discouraging when good is returned with evil. This could easily lead to despair – which often results in us abandoning what we know to be a good project – simply because we find that we cannot cope with the opposition any longer.

If this is our experience, then the words of the Psalmist offer us renewed hope and courage: …as for me, I trust in you Lord.

Practical Suggestion:
Bring before the Lord the areas in your life where you are taking strain… in the face of these struggles, say with faith and courage: …as for me, I TRUST in you Lord. It may be a good spiritual practice to find an image of the Divine Mercy and regularly pray the words: Jesus, I trust in YOU.

Lord God, you know my heart, you know the difficulties and challenges that I face in my work and in my family. Help me to turn to you every day for the strength that I need to continue on the path that you set before me. Jesus, I trust in YOU.