Grant making guidelines of the Bishop’s Lenten Appeal funds from the Annual collection.


The collection of the SACBC Lenten Appeal is used to support the Total Mission of the Church. We use the following headings: Diocesan Grants, Inter-diocesan grants, Conference, Seminaries, Reserve, Promotion.

Procedure for application for grants: GUIDELINES

  1. All requests for aid from the Bishops’ Lenten Appeal Fund must be approved and signed by the Bishop of the Diocese concerned, or by the Chairperson of the relative SACBC Department or Office
  2. APPLICATIONS must reach the Lenten Appeal Director of your diocese.
  3. S/He will give his/her comments and then present it to the Diocesan Bishop for approval and signature. S/He will then forward it to the National Director


P.O. Box 2206



To reach the Office before the 15 April 2015.

  1. An application form should be used for one project only. If applying for help for different projects please indicate your priorities, as it may not be possible to fund all of them.
  2. It is important that you state the precise nature and operation of the project, namely, what it is and how it works in practice?
  3. For help with HIV/AIDS ministry, please apply to the relevant Office of the SACBC
  4. Please state the EXACT NAME etc. Of your Bank Account into which the money will be paid.
  5. If you receive a grant, you will be required to SEND a report of how the money has been spent by 30 April next year. The report is to be sent to the National Director.
  6. DIOCESAN DIRECTORS of the Lenten Appeal are asked to examine all requests for aid before forwarding them to Head Office. The opinion of the Diocesan Director is especially valuable when making a decision as to whether and how much help should be given.
  7. Lenten Appeal grants are ad hoc donations. The Lenten Appeal fund does not commit itself to regular annual payments.
  8. For any information about the criteria for selection of grants to be considered please contact the Diocesan Director.

All diocesan applications must be made through the Diocesan directors and the Local Ordinary

All Inter-diocesan, Secretariat, and National Seminary applications must be made through the secretary general of the SACBC.

Emergency appeals should be channeled through the Local Ordinary and the Lenten Appeal Executive Board.

1. Total Mission of the Church-Diocesan Grants

Poor and Needy

1.1.The poor and needy including refugees will be a priority. Applications must be specific regarding the particular group being helped or special need for which help is sought. The assessment of the Diocesan Direction and Local Ordinary is very crucial.

1.2.Application not to be considered

· Buildings, Repairs, Bursaries, and Furniture

· AIDS programs which should be supported by the SACBC AIDS office

· Application with personal banking details

· Failure to report on grants received previously

2. Total Mission of the Church-Diocesan/Inter-diocesan

Ongoing Formation

2.1.Application for national or inter-diocesan programs for ongoing formation of priests are submitted through the National Coordinator for Ongoing formation in accordance with (Rule 5.3)

2.2.Applications for diocesan or parish pastoral programs are submitted through the Diocesan Directors and the Local Ordinary.

3. Total Mission of the Church-Inter-diocesan Works

These include Catholic Bodies presently doing work in the Church in Southern Africa in the areas of Health and Education e.g. CATHCA, CIE

4. Total Mission of The Church- Conference Level

These cover the Pastoral and social works of the conference at the Secretariat level.

5. Seminaries

5.1.Institutions that are national or inter-diocesan will be considered for grants

5.2.Institutions that are solely Congregational or not truly inter-diocesan will not be considered.

5.3.Applications for promotion of Vocations at Diocesan level will be considered.

6. Total Mission of the Church – sustainability fund

This money is set aside for the use of the Church in Southern Africa. It is used as a sustainability fund generating interest and giving financial security. This fund is controlled by the Bishops’ Conference.

7. Total Mission of the Church-Bishops’ Lenten Appeal Promotions

7.1.Material, Distributions, and meetings

7.2.Running of Office

Contingency – this is set aside for micro emergency appeals e.g. floods, xenophobia.