2015 Lent Reflection – Thursday 5 March

5 March Lent Reflec 2


Neither will they be convinced if someone should rise from the dead… Luke 16:19-31

We are all familiar with the story of Lazarus and the rich man. There are so many element to this teaching of Jesus, and for the most part we tend to focus only on the rich man’s neglect to help the poor man Lazarus. And yes, with so many poor people around us today this element of the Gospel should challenge us deeply – especially with regards to our almsgiving in the season of Lent.

(Just a note on the side, one of the primary reasons for establishing the Bishops Lenten Appeal was to provide a means for the faithful to fulfil the almsgiving component which is central to the Lenten Season – so the next time you see the little purple envelope, think of the many poor people who will benefit from your helping with your donation.)

Back to the gospel. The element of the story that I will like to highlight today is the ending – the rich man, out of concern for his family, pleads with Abraham to send Lazarus back to earth so that he may warn them to change their ways. Abraham rightly says that they have had all the warning and teaching necessary for them to change. “Aaaahhh”, the rich man says: “But if someone should come back from the dead, then they will change.”

Abraham says, don’t fool yourself brother, if they have not listened to the teaching that is already available to them – they will NOT be convinced even if someone should rise from the dead.

Well friends, what will it take to convince us to change our ways? We have not only had the teaching of Moses and the Prophets, we have also had the teaching of Jesus. And more than that we have witnessed his resurrection, his coming back from the dead…What are we still waiting for? He’s second coming many be too late!

Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner. Help me to change my ugly ways, TODAY.