What to consider?

As a parishioner in your local church and in your Diocese under the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference, we ask you to help meet the challenges we face. Most of us have been especially blessed by God, such that we are able to enjoy many good things in life and a standard of living significantly above that of most of the world.

Programs supported by the bishop’s Lenten appeal

Catholic Social Action, Welfare & Support-

The Bishops’ Lenten Appeal works with a strong network of partners to effect meaningful change in areas where systemic poverty is acute, and where human potential is diminished. We support those institutions working with marginalized communities so as to build capacity and enhance their ability to bring relief to vulnerable individuals and families.

· Poor and Needy (Diocesan & National Grants)-

· Family Life

· Justice and Peace

· Denis Hurley Peace Institute

· Migrants, Refugees and Counter Trafficking in Persons

· Media and Communications

· Bishops’ Emergency Fund

· Joint Witness

· Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office

· Home Affairs and Marriage Desk

· Specialised Ministries –Prisons, Hospitals, and Army

· Right to Life

· SPRED (Special Religious Development)

· CIE-Catholic Institute of Education(link)

· RSDP-Rural Support Development Programme

· CATHCA-Catholic Health Care Association

Clergy and Religious Formation & Lay Apostolate

· Seminaries

· Ongoing Formation of Priests

· Pastoral care of Vocations

· Renewal for Priests (Constantia Sabbatical)


· Professional Conduct

Christian Formation

We strive to support ministries aimed at promoting dialogue and enhancing the Church’s role in today’s diverse societies.

· Catechetics

· Liturgy

· Evangelisation

· Ecumenism

· Laity Formation

Faith and Human Development

(programs and religious activities that directly support, strengthen and spread the Catholic proclamation of the Gospel)

· Consultation 2015

· Theological Advisory Fund

· Research

Youth Ministry

Our Office of Youth Ministry provides direction and guidance to parents, pastors, principals and parish youth ministers as they provide spiritual guidance to young people

· Youth-ACTS

· Youth-Education for Life

· Youth Ministry

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