2015 Lent Reflection – Tuesday 3 March

3 march lent reflec 2


The greatest among you must be your servant… Mt. 23:1-12

There is a beautiful hymn that comes to mind when I hear these words of Jesus. It goes like this:

O, Lord, all the world belongs to you, and you are always making all things new. What is wrong you forgive, and the NEW LIFE you bring, is what’s turning the world UPSIDE DOWN.

If we look at the world today and at many of the practices that have become common place, at attitudes that have become entrenched, at leadership styles and social norms… it is evident that our world needs to be turned upside down. And I am of the conviction that if we allow Jesus to turn our world upside down, he will actually be turning it right side up. For we have so strayed from the path that has been shown to us by our Lord.

Now, it is so easy for us to look at the world, government and others and identify where they need to change. But what about my own life. Where is it that I need to be turned upside down, so that I may actually, once again, be the right side up? What about my thoughts, my words, my actions… What about my work, my prayer, my leisure, my family life… do these need to be turned upside down by Jesus?

Lent is a time to allow ourselves to be re-orientated, we have often lost our bearings and have, each in our own way, allowed the excesses of modern times to distract us from the life giving teaching of Jesus.

Let Jesus, turn your world upside down TODAY.

Lord God, thank you for sending Jesus into my life… I pray today for the faith and the courage to listen to his teaching, so that indeed there may be a true change in my life. Amen

A man’s greatness lies in not how many people serve him, but rather in how many people he serves.