2015 Lent Reflection – Monday 2 March

2 march lent reflec 2


Luke 6:36-38


When we hear this worldly saying almost immediately we think of negative things… if I am mean to people they will be mean to me.

However, today Jesus teaches us that there is a positive dimension to this saying, and more than that, it is up to us if we are to determine the positive things that happen in our life.

Simply put, if we are not quick to judge others (something that we all battle with) THEN, they won’t be so quick to judge us. If we are slow to condemn others, we will be less likely to be condemned ourselves. And if we are ready to pardon others, we will be more easily pardoned ourselves (again something that we all need).

So if we want to change our plight and move away from the barrage of, sometimes unfair, judgements and condemnation that we often receive, if it is more peace and forgiveness that we desire in our lives – then let us heed the teaching of Jesus.

Let us give generously of ourselves in obedience to Christ and experience anew an abundance of love, forgiveness and acceptance – NOT only from Jesus, but also from those around us, especially our families.

Be compassionate as your Father is compassionate!

Lord God, help me to truly believe that with your grace and teaching I am able to shape my life, my family and my world for the better. Amen