2015 Lent Reflection – Tuesday 24 February

24 Feb Lent Reflec


The word has power to mold and build up persons but it also has power of destruction. When you receive praise, you feel good about yourself. This encourages you to do more. On the other hand, one word can destroy and demoralize another. This character assassination is common in the era of social media. The word is powerful.

We communicate with God using words in prayer. We tell God our needs and thank him for his goodness to us. We also intercede for others. It is not the length of our prayer (number of words used) that matters but the quality of what we say. Jesus taught us a simple way of communicating with God. The Lord’s Prayer is easy, simple and encompasses all we need to say to God.

On our side, we need to listen to the Word of God. Allowing this word to influence and direct all that we do in life. God relies on you to cooperate with his word to yield good results


  • Daily Bible reading will help you hear God’s word
  • Meditation on the word will help you bear fruit
  • Prayer for your own and other’s needs
  • Control your tongue during Lent.

Thank you Lord, for speaking your word to us and for allowing us to know your will for us. Lord, during this time of Lent, I ask you to help me listen to your word and to implement it in my life. Help me to control my tongue that I may not destroy anyone by what I say. Amen.




+Bishop Frank Nabuasah SVD
Diocese of Francistown