2016 Lent Reflection-Week 3


Tuesday 01 March 2016 

Come to the Light
For once you were darkness, but now in the Lord you are light. Live as children of light-Ephesians 5:8

Our lives are sometimes similar to that of the blind man who opened himself to the light, who opened himself to God, who opened himself to his grace. Sometimes, unfortunately, they are similar to that of the doctors of the law: from the height of our pride we judge others, and even the Lord! … We must repent of this; eliminate these behaviours in order to journey well along the way of holiness….

Let us ask ourselves about the state of our own heart:

Do I have an open heart or a closed heart? It is opened or closed to God? Open or closed to my neighbour? To some degree we are always closed, which comes from original sin, from mistakes, from errors. We need not be afraid! Let us open ourselves to the light of the Lord; he awaits us always to enable us to see better, to give us more light, to forgive us. Let us not forget this! Let us entrust this Lenten journey to the Virgin Mary, so that we too, like the blind man who was healed by the grace of Christ, may “come to the light:’ go forward toward the light and be reborn to new life.

Angelus, March 30, 2014

How is God inviting me to spiritual renewal and rebirth?

Lord, at times I fear what you may ask or expect of me. Give me the grace to surrender to your love as Mary did.

Lent with Pope Francis, Daily Reflections and Prayers (Pauline Publication)