2016 Lent Reflection-Week 3


    Monday 29 February 2016


Encountering Jesus, Finding Joy
 Then the woman left her water jar and went back to the city. -John 4:28

The outcome of [the] encounter by the well was the woman’s transformation…. She runs to the village … and announces that she has met the Messiah: the one who has changed her life. Because every encounter with Jesus changes our lives, always….

In this Gospel passage we likewise find the impetus to “leave behind our water jar;’ the symbol of everything that is seemingly important, but loses all its value before the “love of God.” … I ask you, and myself: “What is your interior water jar, the one that weighs you down, that distances you from God?” Let us set it aside and, with our hearts, let us hear the voice of Jesus offering us another kind of water … that brings us close to the Lord. We are called to rediscover the importance of our Christian life, initiated in Baptism, and, like the Samaritan woman, to witness to our brothers. Witness to what? Joy! The joy of the encounter with Jesus; for, as I said, every encounter with Jesus changes our life, and every encounter with Jesus also fills us with joy.

 Angelus, March 23, 2014

What keeps me from fully enjoying the Lord’s friendship?

Jesus, give me the courage to leave behind all that impedes me from allowing you to transform my life, and make me a witness to joy.


Lent with Pope Francis, Daily Reflections and Prayers (Pauline Publication)