2016 Lent Reflection-Week 1


 Wednesday 17 February 2016

The readings of this first week of Lent put us on the right track so that this time of Lent may bear fruit in our daily lives. The key word in today’s readings is ‘repent’. The people of Nineveh, though a pagan people, repented hearing the message of the prophet Jonah. The chosen people, hearing not just the message of a prophet but of Jesus Christ himself, failed to respond and repent.

What about us in this time of Lent. We have been so privileged having received the good news of Jesus Christ, the Word in all its fullness, but do we really value it? Does it really bear fruit in our every-day life? Does the Word fall in good soil where it can grow and bear fruit in works of mercy, both corporal and spiritual?

One of the greatest shortcomings in today’s society, I feel, is the lack of thanksgiving both towards our fellow human beings and towards God. A very common sin which is hardly confessed is the sin of ingratitude. We are showered so many gifts daily both from our parents, our brothers and sisters and from God and we hardly ever remember to say THANK YOU. Let us change that during this time of Lent. Now is the opportune time. Let it not pass without responding.




+Bishop Jan A De Groef M.Afr
Diocese of Bethlehem