2016 Lent Reflection – Ash Wednesday

Lenten Appeal ash wed


Today we begin the six weeks of Lent, a time of grace and a time to reflect on the boundless mercy of God. We undertake certain acts of penance during this time to humbly express sorrow for our sinfulness, to strengthen ourselves against future temptations and to remind ourselves of our complete dependence on God. Lent is a time to look inwardly with honestly to ensure that we are still on track and that we are sincerely modeling our lives on Jesus Christ by living his Word – seeking reconciliation by confessing our sins enables us to do that. This type of “inward assessment” on the state of our discipleship also leads us to a deeper commitment to express our faith in action. Especially in this Holy Year of Mercy we wish, like Christ, to express the mercy of God to others through forgiveness, gentleness and tenderness. We can consciously put into practice the corporal acts of mercy through our concern and love for the hungry, the thirsty, the homeless, the sick and those in prison.

May the radiant beauty of God’s love be mirrored in your life to envelop those you meet ,so that they may encounter the true and everlasting light, Jesus Christ.




+Stephen Brislin
Archbishop of Cape Town